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A Product and Market Consultative approach in advancing medical devices and combination products

For more than 20 years Nelson Labs Europe has been a well-known partner throughout the medical device industry in Europe. Nelson Labs Europe has become a solid partner who can guide you through the preclinical regulatory landscape in order to facilitate your product's market entry. Our customized effective programs assist you in fulfilling your risk management process in a global regulatory compliance context.

Our facilities include capabilities to conduct proof-of-concept (efficacy) studies, analytical, complete biocompatibility, extractables and leachables, microbiology, sterilization support, genetic and molecular toxicology, reusable device and combination product evaluations, and more.


Nelson Labs Europe offers medical device testing services consisting of:


Material Characterization and Biocompatibility (ISO 10993)

  • Chemical characterization, identification and quantification of leachables
  • Determining allowable limits
  • Toxicological assessments
  • in vitro testing (cytotoxicity and gene mutation assays)
  • in vivo testing (full range)
  • Material qualification - compendial testing (EP, USP, JP,...)


Efficacy Testing Modes

  • in vitro and microbiology studies: cleaning and life-cycle validations, antimicrobial efficacy, microbial ingress, Time-Kill-Kinetic assays, ...
  • in vivo testing (ESRS - Efficacy and Surgical Research Services) for customized proof of concept studies, developing surgical models and approaches, ...

Lot-Release testing and introduction of Rapid Microbiology


To request medical device development tests, click the Devices icon. 



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