Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about Nelson Labs Europe's services and capabilities, send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you! Below are some of frequently asked questions.

Q: How are issues of intellectual property handled?

A: Any and all intellectual property is owned by the client/sponsor, and Nelson Labs Europe works exclusively for, and on behalf of, the client/study sponsor. The research services contract is specific in regards to client/sponsor ownership of results, intellectual property and publication rights.

Q: Can results be published without Nelson Labs Europe’s authorship?

A: Yes. The results belong to the client/study sponsor and can, therefore, be published in any form and with any authorship the client/sponsor sees fit. However, Nelson Labs Europe takes pride in providing more than just results and we would like the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of data reporting and communication. Doing so reflects the strong relationships we build with our clients and sponsors, and that allows them to access the wealth of thought leadership at Nelson Labs Europe.

Q: Can you speak on the value of getting in-house generated results validated by an independent party?

A: Before advancing a compound or device to the clinical development stage, many investigators require the reproduction and validation of in-house data by another laboratory. A preclinical CRO, like Nelson Labs Europe, is positioned to provide an unbiased study based on the original, which can validate existing efficacy data and allow the product to be developed with the confidence that the efficacy data is robust and reliable.

Q: What will a Nelson Labs Europe study tell me about the overall efficacy of a compound?

A: At Nelson Labs Europe, we understand how important reliable data is for meeting your goals for IND, NDA and other international submission requirements. That’s why our studies and results will always apply the most applicable statistical analysis so clients and sponsors have the confidence knowing that our scientists understand your application as well as the know-how to navigate the regulatory landscape for your product development path. Sponsors and clients also have the confidence that when a statistical difference is observed, it is reflected in the final report. Our scientists also do their utmost to generate the greatest value from any given assay when profiling a compound.

Q: Can models be customized?

A: Any study Nelson Labs Europe undertakes can be customized. While the routes of administration differ, our scientists understand that every client and/or sponsor has different study needs. Nelson Labs Europe is positioned to offer sponsor-specific studies, to realize the exact principles of the product and its development.

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